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We are an independent laboratory. Our primary activities are chemical analysis, mechanical testing, and metallographic examination of metals. Our customers include manufacturing companies of all sizes and types, metals producers and distributers, heat treaters, platers, and other metal processors, and users of metal products. The company has been operating in this field since 1950.

The tests we perform include:

Chemical analysis:

  cast iron steel
  tool steel stainless steel
  aluminum alloys magnesium alloys
  nickel base alloys copper and copper base alloys
  cleaning solutions plating solutions
  coating weight corrosion products
  ferro-silicon other ferro alloys

Mechanical properties testing:

  tensile strength yield strength
  elongation reduction of area
  rockwell hardness brinell hardness
charpy impact load tests

Corrosion testing:

  salt spray stress corrosion
  exfoliation corrosion weight loss


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